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Moon Phase Update
Updated moon phase chart
How to remove the suspension spring guide form the regulator clamp
Atmos Shim Tool
The shim will allow you to drive on the minute wheel without the fear of cracking the rear jewel of the second gear
Atmos poising tool
American Made Atmos poising Tool

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Clockmaker\'s Beat Book
If you work on clocks full time or just repair clocks as a hobby this book is for you. This is the most comprehensive book of clock timing information every compiled.
clockmaker\'s apprentice
This is a Free version of the popular Clockmaker's Apprentice software. You can calculate gear trains, calculate pendulum length changes, mainspring calculators, Hermle, Urgos and Jaugh beats plus much more. Please remember this program does not come with any support. There has been some confusion on how to download the software. **IMPORTANT: look for the link below and to the left of “Add to Cart” click on the “Downloads” tab and you will see the button below to download the software.
Atmos Castle Nut Wrench
Use to lock the castle nut while adjusting the regulator
Rubber feet for Atmos clock
Replacement rubber feet for your Jaeger LeCoultre Atmos clock